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Ben Prentiss, B.S. PICP Level 5

Strength and conditioning coach Ben Prentiss has been working with professional and Olympic hockey players for 17 years. Ben's unique training system encompasses speed, strength, power, agility, and flexibility, along with body composition and nutrition. This approach has allowed athletes to achieve their personal goals and reach optimal physical shape. Ben opened his own training facility, BodyTuning, fifteen years ago in Darien, CT. BodyTuning, home of Prentiss Hockey Performance, is a 2,000 square foot gym containing unique equipment that has helped produce four Stanley Cup winners, Olympic gold medalist, NHL All-Stars, a Hart Trophy winner, Art Ross winner, and a Hobey Baker finalist.

Over the years Ben has trained professional hockey players on 26 of 30 NHL teams as well as members of the OHL, KHL, QMJHL, USHL, AHL, DEL (German Ice Hockey League), NLA (National League A Switzerland), FEL (Finnish Elite League), NCAA, Olympics, and World Championships. Ben's off-season training program has been recommended by coaches, advisors, and agents. Over two dozen media outlets have featured Ben's training techniques with his athletes, including Sports Illustrated, NBC Sports, Men's Health, Fox Sports, The New York Times, and The Hockey News.

Prior to BodyTuning becoming a destination for athletes, Ben spent the off-season months in Scottsdale, Arizona at Poliquin Performance Center training NHL and NFL athletes. Ben's expertise in training is exemplified by a Level V certification with world-renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin. Based on the trainer's education and experience a Level V trainer must train a medalist at the international level and consequently Ben is one of a few trainers world wide with this credential.



Christian Rivas, L.M.T., A.R.T., NASM 

Tampa Bay Lightning

Christian Rivas is a health and pain management practitioner with over 10 years of professional experience and has been treating PHP athletes for three years. A licensed full-body A.R.T. (Active Release Techniques) therapist, Christian uses a soft-tissue management system that addresses neural and musculoskeletal pathologies. Fascial Stretching Technique, another modality, is an advanced form of myofascial stretching that focuses on restoring length and proper function to the connective tissue known as fascia, which surrounds all muscular and visceral structures of the body.

Currently Christian is enrolled in an intensive master’s program of Osteopathic Medicine at the Sutherland Academy of Osteopathy in Ontario, Canada and studying under world-renowned Guy Voyer MD, DO.


Greenwich Sports Medicine

New York Yankees 

Dr. Gil Chimes is the Owner and Clinic Director of Greenwich Sports Medicine in Greenwich, CT. He is a sports chiropractor who specializes in the treatment of musculoskeletal as well as sports injuries. Dr. Chimes provides a functional approach to treating sports injuries by implementing various therapies such as Active Release Techniques® (ART), Joint Manipulation, Medical Acupuncture, Graston Technique®, Laser Therapy and Frequency Specific Microcurrent. He has helped athletes of all levels with injury recovery and performance enhancement.

Dr. Chimes is currently a consultant with many Olympic and professional athletes


Dr. Christopher Mah

Christopher Mah is one of Greenwich Sports Medicine's treating physicians. Christopher obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from Wagner College. He obtained his Doctor of Chiropractic from the University of Bridgeport.

Dr. Mah is fully credentialed in Active Release Technique including nerve entrapments as well as the Graston technique. He was one of the first chiropractic physicians certified as a Kinesiotaping Practitioner in Connecticut. He has completed the McMaster Contemporary Acupuncture Program through the Department of Anesthesia McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Dr. Mah provides a functional approach to treating sports injuries and has helped athletes of all levels with injury recovery and performance enhancement.

He currently consults with professional and Olympic athletes from MLB, NHL, AHL, IAAF Track and Field, WTA, PSA, WISPA. He has worked with a wide variety of patients from post-operative seniors to Iron man Triatheletes. In addition, he has provided treatments to Professional squash players at the Bear Stearns Tournament of Champions (New York, NY 2007) Apawamis Open, and Greenwich Open, Field Club of Greenwich.

Christopher obtained his Masters in Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. He is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist. He is eligible to sit for his Diplomate in the American Board of Chiropractic Nutrition. Dr. Mah has been featured in the Greenwich citizen for his unique weight loss program.

He also has appeared on News12 Connecticut and News channel 8 talking about various topics in nutrition and health as well as Dave Depew's fitness and nutrition radio show. Christopher, an expert in clinical sports nutrition, has helped world champions, Olympic athletes, and weekend warriors to optimize their performance—and their health. He lectures regularly on topics of sports injuries and nutrition to clubs, high schools, college teams and most recently the 69th Annual New York State Association For Health, Physical Education, Recreation And Dance Conference..





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