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Martin St. Louis - New York Rangers

“Training with Ben has pushed me to my limit every summer. I have never been more prepared to reach my goals. I can see the light again. For years I trained hard and for hours, Ben has taught me to train smart and efficient, allowing me to take up to 28 shifts a game night in and night out.”






Ryan Shannon - Zurich Lions

"I've always been focused and determined, but it wasn't until starting to train with Ben 5 years ago that I learned the true meaning of dedication. Ben's approach is comprehensive- from the workouts to the diet and nutritional supplements; every aspect of his program is meticulously researched, planned and executed. Other guys on my teams spend 3 or 4 hours a day working out in the off-season. An hour a day with Ben and I achieved the best results of any Vancouver Canuck in preseason testing. Ben has taught me the difference between working hard and working smart. He took me from being a skinny, undrafted college kid to a Stanley Cup winner in three years. The results speak for themselves; Ben will bring your game to the next level. If you are willing to work hard, the Prentiss method will drive you to success." 





Max Pacioretty - Montreal Canadiens











Matt Moulson - Buffalo Sabres










Matt Lashoff - KHL










Hugh Jessiman - Austria










James Van Riemsdyk - Toronto Maple Leafs











Ben Smith - Chicago Blackhawks

Mike Cammalleri - New Jersey Devils

“You and your method have been the force I needed to reach my goals. I am in the best shape of my life. I have the strength, speed, and stamina that has allowed me to have the best season of my career.”



Jason Arnott - Retired

“The results I have achieved under Ben Prentiss’s guidance have been monumental.  As a professional NHL hockey player I had reached a pinnacle turning point recognizing the need to push myself to another level.   Thanks to Ben many facets in my career have benefitted; agility, extreme strength and power and most importantly nutrition.  I have trained with him for 5 years with incredible results and have never felt better on the ice.  Be prepared to commit to his grueling program knowing the results are well worth it.“




Lewis Gross - Sports Professional Management

“As a player agent for hockey players, I recommend Prentiss Hockey Performance to all my players. When Marty St. Louis was looking for a trainer to work out with during his summers in Connecticut, I began my search and fortunately came across Ben Prentiss. After doing some research, Marty went over to meet Ben, and as Marty has said many times, it was one of the best decisions he has made in his career. Since that time, I recommend all my players use Ben for their training. The results have been spectacular. The players get stronger, quicker and learn better nutrition. Just as important is that they work with a man they respect and believe in and who at the same time, cares about them and their careers."





George Bazos and Jordan Neumann - Edge Sports Management

“Over the past several years many of our clients have been training with Ben at Prentiss Hockey Performance and the results speak for themselves. Each client has felt a dramatic improvement in their on ice performance after attending Ben’s summer training. Our clients at all levels of development up to and including the NHL have had their best career seasons after training at PHP. If you are serious about being the best player you can possibly be, we recommend training with Ben at PHP."

George Bazos and Jordan Neumann Edge Sports Management


Jay Fee - NHL/NHLPA Certified Player Agent

"Ben's approach to strength and conditioning, as well as proper nutrition, is comprehensive, demanding and quite frankly, intense. My clients made a commitment to Ben and results of that decision equipped each of them with the capacity to accelerate their on ice performance and careers to the next level."


Robert Pastore, Ph.D. CNS (Certified Nutrition Specialist)

“Ben Prentiss is a trainer that walks the walk. His dietary habits are excellent. He trains hard and expects the same from his clients and it shows. Ben gets results. From his cutting edge training programs to his knowledge of nutritional science, it’s an honor to have Ben as a colleague.”


Charles Poliquin - Strength coach of Olympic medalists in seventeen different sports.

Ben Prentiss is a leader in the field of strength and conditioning. I hired him to implement my professional athletes' accounts for four off-seasons. His determination and abilities drove that sector of my business into the stratosphere. Success breeds success. No wonder he trains an impressive market of the NHL.



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