Our programs incorporate expertise in workout design, nutrition, injury prevention and recovery to create a stronger, faster and healthier athlete.


PHP provides both off-season and in-season programs to many of our athletes.

The off-season training program begins with a thorough assessment of strength, balance and vertical jump as well as a body fat analysis. Individualized programs are designed based on test results.

Our program consists of four phases lasting four weeks each:

  • Phase 1: Structural Balance
  • Phase 2: Accumulation and Hypertrophy
  • Phase 3: Intensification and Strength
  • Phase 4: Power and Plyometrics.

The in-season training program consists of 2-3 personalized workouts per week designed to maintain strength and prevent injuries. This is complimented with an in-depth nutrition and supplement plan. 


For the body to perform, recover and rebuild optimally, proper nutrition must be addressed. We provide a focused approach to understand how the body functions at the biochemical level to address nutrient deficiencies and metabolic disorders. 

We start with a detailed health history evaluation to understand any physical limitations, daily energy levels, sleep patterns, and genetic risk factors. We follow this with the Bioprint 14-point body fat assessment which reveals where your body stores fat, and exposes possible hormonal imbalances. Scientifically developed by Charles Poliquin, Bioprint is a standard widely used by leading health professionals across the globe.

A variety of functional medical tests may be used to further address issues surrounding peak athletic performance. A customized protocol of professional brand nutritional supplements is recommended to our athletes and is revisited throughout the season depending on their changing needs.