US Wellness Meats

Their grass-fed beef is recognized for its exceptional taste, quality and health benefits by chefs, health experts, professional athletes, and many others. In addition, U.S. Wellness Meats has joined with like-minded small family farms across the country to expand its offerings to include grass-fed lamb, bison, and goat, as well as grass-fed butter and cheese, free-range poultry, honey, organic nuts, and other wellness products.

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Vital Choice

Vital Choice offers only the finest, purest, sustainably harvested wild Alaskan and northwest Pacific seafood available - fish and shellfish that grow in the wild environment to which they are so superbly adapted, free of the antibiotics, pesticides, synthetic coloring agents, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) used commonly in fish farms.

Vital Choice seafood is processed and flash-frozen hours within hours of harvest, and stays frozen solid until it arrives at your door on dry ice, thereby preserving the fresh-caught flavor, appearance, texture, and nutritional quality of our premium quality fish and shellfish.

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Mike's Organic Delivery

Mike’s Organic delivers sustainably grown, local food right to your door each week. We provide a stress-free way to feed your family the best organic meats, dairy & vegetables, in season. Our weekly visits to our local farm partners ensure you get quality and freshness and help us support a thriving local economy. Sign up for a special PHP package from Mike's that can be picked up at Stamford PHP. 

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