Many of our clients have been training at PHP. Each has felt a dramatic improvement in their on ice performance. At all levels of development, up to and including the NHL, our clients have had their career best seasons. If you are serious about being the best player you can possibly be, we recommend training with Ben at PHP.
— George Bazos and Jordan Neumann, Edge Sports Management
Ben took my off season to a new level. Not only did I get strong and fast in the off season but also mentally gained confidence of the lifestyle Ben stresses. He cares for his clients more than I have ever seen.
— Brad Richards, Detroit Red Wings
You and your method have been the force I needed to reach my goals. I am in the best shape of my life. I have the strength, speed and stamina that has allowed me to have the best season of my career.
— Mike Cammalleri, New Jersey Devils
Ben Prentiss is a leader in the field of strength and conditioning. I hired him to implement my professional athletes’ accounts for four off-seasons. His determination and abilities drove that sector of my business into the stratosphere. Success breeds success. No wonder he trains an impressive market of the NHL.
— Charles Poliquin, Strength coach of Olympic medialist in seventeen different sports