Ben’s approach to strength and conditioning, as well as proper nutrition, is comprehensive, demanding and quite frankly, intense. My clients made a commitment to Ben and results of that decision equipped each of them with the capacity to accelerate their on ice performance and careers to the next level.
— Jay Fee, NHL/NHLPA Certified Player Agent
Training with Ben helped me achieve my life long goal of playing in the NHL.
— Brett Pesce, Carolina Hurricanes
Training with Ben helped me turn my career around. I owe him much of my success.
— Nathan Gerbe, Carolina Hurricanes
Ben Prentiss is a trainer that walks the walk. His dietary habits are excellent. He trains hard and expects the same from his clients and it shows. Ben gets results. From his cutting edge training programs to his knowledge of nutritional science, it’s an honor to have Ben as a colleague.
— Robert Pastore, Ph.D. CNS (Certified Nutrition Specialist)
I considered myself a hard worker until I met Ben Prentiss. It started with my diet and work habits. Without his help, I would still be searching for a way to tap into my full potential.
— Torey Krug, Boston Bruins
Ben has the most integrated system of any trainer in the country. He transformed me into an explosive machine and is allowing me to reach my full potential of scoring 20+ goals every season.
— Cam Atkinson, Columbus Blue Jackets